Monday, October 11, 2010

Stink Bug Invasion

We are currently experiencing an invasion of stink bugs over here. I don't actually smell them, but other people do because apparently they spray some kind of stink. Hence the name. They are an invasive species not native to the U.S., and while they don't actually bite or hurt or anything (well, I think they hurt crops), they are quite a pest. Thankfully I have not had a problem with them at my apartment and the two or three I've seen have been easy to get out right away. But they are going crazy at work.

Let me show you.

Here we have a stink bug on top of a cubicle divider.

And here is one climbing the blinds pull.

This one is on my chair.

These are actually outside my window, but still unpleasant to see.

They can be clumsy, so this one flew over to my window but landed on its back. It turned over eventually. They make a whirring noise when they fly, and you can often hear them thumping into the window or wall or wherever they are headed. They startle me every time.

This guy (see him on the corner of the folder?) tried to climb down on my pom-pom, but had to rethink that plan.

This gang hangs out above the door to our offices. I'm always sure they are going to drop on me when I walk through, but they haven't so far.

Sometimes they even go inside the folders. Not a pleasant surprise.

They are all over outside, too. When I go to my car they are all over the place, including inside the little gas door and once under my door handle. This one was outside my window while I was stopped at a light.

But this one was inside.

I haven't seen too many while driving, which is good because they freak me out and make the driving part dangerous. But obviously they are in my car, because in the back under the windshield I have a sort of stink bug graveyard going on. I plan to leave them until it gets cold and they go away, then I'll get some poor kid at a car wash to vacuum them out for me.

Josh had an invasion in his apartment, and about 80 came into his bathroom through the vent. He put most of them down the toilet. I'm glad I wasn't there.

The whole thing is pretty gross.

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Anonymous said...

How do we know they aren't the same stink bug? I hear you have a boyfriend who is quite Photoshop savvy...